Brand identity design

Rebranding IfLooksCouldKill

What’s in a brand?

Businesses choose to work with us on their brand identity for many reasons, and the process takes many forms. It can involve changing a company name, its logo and colour palette, or creating symbols and imagery as well as content and key messages.

Branding is an intricate process, one that starts long before we can make decisions about fonts and colours. Whenever someone comes into contact with your business, or a product you sell, it will say something about you; the approach you take, the words you use or the style of your identity, each creates an impression. And you have the power to manage it.

How we’ll work with you

When creating a brand identity, we take the time to get to know you and your business. This involves sharing a questionnaire for you to complete and sometimes we’ll hold a discovery with a client to help them drill a bit deeper into their goals.

During this exploratory phase, we’ll also create a mood board, a great way of envisioning the look and feel you want to achieve. Exploring colour and typography is an exciting part of this process and gives us a strong foundation on which to design your logo and any accompanying assets.

As a result of working closely together, we can carefully craft a design that helps you make a lasting impression.

Keen to get a head start?

If you sign up to our newsletter you’ll receive ‘The beginner’s guide to branding’, a mini workbook with exercises to help you consider your brand vision, voice and visuals.

You’ll find three questions in each section, which are designed to support you with making key decisions around your image. It isn’t an in-depth guide but is designed to help you in the early stages of a project and could be a great starting point, giving you the opportunity to arm yourself with ideas to support the design process.

Each month we send our clients and subscribers design tips, free resources and exclusive content to help boost their creativity and their business, so it really is worth joining our mailing list if you’re interested in receiving more workbooks from us.

You can also find out more about our own rebrand and the reasons behind the change on our Rebranding IfLooksCouldKill blog.