Fashion Bites Back brand identity and programme design & branding

Fashion Bites Back

For the award-winning Fashion Bites Back fundraiser, we created a package of exciting branding and marketing materials to build engagement and anticipation from the ground up. Take a little look…

Fashion Bites Back brand identity design


Fashion Bites Back supported Nothing But Nets, a global, grassroots campaign raising awareness to fight malaria.

The organisers of the event, JCI Leeds, wanted to capture the essence of the event by designing a unique logo and accompanying invitations, event programmes and a promotional website.

Fashion Bites Back brand identity and programme design


For this special event, we collaborated with the JCI Leeds marketing team to deliver:

  • Branding
  • Print design
  • Website design
  • Website development
  • Email marketing
Fashion Bites Back brand identity and programme design


For the branding, we explored several naming ideas and possible creative directions before settling on a bright and bold approach inspired by shape and colour. We aimed to create invitations and event programmes that were as eye-catching as they were memorable, and the use of letterpress offered a tactile finish.

Fashion Bites Back brand identity and invitation design

The team were instrumental in helping us to create a brand for Fashion Bites Back. Thanks to their dedication, creativity and stunning design work, the event was a huge success and we exceeded our fundraising targets.

Georgie Abbott, Community Director, JCI Leeds


Our collaborative approach and relationship with developers and printers enabled us to deliver a full suite of digital and marketing materials, for which the marketing team went on to win local, regional and national awards.