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Croft Carbon College brand identity and mobile app development

Croft Carbon College

Creating the brand identity and mobile app design for Croft Carbon College, a community education project funded by the Climate Challenge Fund.

Croft Carbon College brand identity design


Founded by Leith Community Crops in Pots in 2018, the Croft Carbon College is a local centre for raising environmental awareness within the community of Leith in Edinburgh. They provide accessible courses and events that encourage people to take action to support the environment.

Croft Carbon College mobile app design and development
Croft Carbon College identity and icon design

Brand identity

The charity approached us to create a brand identity for the initiative and first tasked us with designing a logo. This quickly followed with the creation of an icon set to support their key areas; waste, energy, water, food, travel and wellbeing, as well as detailed brand guidelines. The overall image is aligned with the organisation’s vision and has been met with positive reviews from the team and the community.

Croft Carbon College mobile app design and development

We appreciate the support Sarah and Jonathan have given us with the development of our brand identity and mobile app and there is no doubt in my mind that without them the Croft Carbon College would not be what it is today. They're responsive, friendly and helpful, they listen carefully and help to clarify what we're aiming for, and we couldn't be happier with their creative input and the value they’ve added to our charity.

Roxana Romero, Development Officer

Mobile app design

The branding process closely followed with the development of the Croft Carbon College mobile app, which involved in-depth planning, sketching and annotation of wireframes, and custom design and development.

Since its release, the mobile app has encouraged user engagement and is enabling the organisation to gather meaningful data. We’re now excited to be further developing the community element of the app, due for release in 2020.