Why graphic design matters to your business

Posted on December 10, 2019 by Sarah Robertson

Graphic design goes way beyond aesthetics. While it’s true that a designer can help you create a stylish logo, brochure or website, the creative process can bring so much more to your business.

Here, Sarah shares why we believe that investing in good design is worth it and how it can impact your bottom line.

Investing in graphic design

1. Good design tells a story

We all know how important it is for a business to stand out and make a great impression. Every touchpoint creates an opportunity to share more about you, to make your brand memorable, and your approach to graphic design will have a significant bearing on how your brand is perceived. Whether you want to attract the right customers, increase the value of your business or command a higher price for your products or services, the look and feel of your brand will be one of your main assets.

Graphic design can also help to position your business in a way that gives you a distinct advantage over your competitors. And not just visually. But in terms of how you communicate your message. The story you tell your audience, and how you communicate that story, be it through your website, imagery or social media channels, is a chance for you to show your commitment to quality, be consistent and build credibility.


...the look and feel of your business can give you the power to attract the right audience for you.

2. Poor choices cost time and money

With the vast array of available design tools, it can be tempting for business owners to spend their own time on graphic design or cut corners due to budget constraints. But this can be a major false economy.

Yes, it’s essential to consider your budget carefully, but spending time on tasks that aren’t related to your core business can take you away from your own meaningful work.

What if you had to go through the design process again in the future? Or had to hire someone to repair your brand image in some way? When you consider this, doesn’t it make sense to think about making a small investment in your creative needs at the outset?

I would also add that the look and feel of your business can give you the power to attract the right audience for you. Wouldn’t you like to appeal to people who share a set of values similar to yours? Wouldn’t it be brilliant if you could draw in those customers who genuinely want to connect with, buy from or support you? Looking at how you approach design in your business with an experienced creative can help you do not only this but save time and energy and make better design choices in the process.

Why collaborate with a graphic designer

3. Graphic design is not a luxury

Despite the effect that graphic design has over our daily lives, it’s often seen as an expense rather than an investment. While some businesses can’t afford to hire a professional, there’s no overlooking the fact that being a designer is a highly skilled job. So it’s worth thinking about the kinds of tasks that can be handled effectively inside of your business, and those that a designer can take on.

After all, having a well-crafted image can only fill your audience with confidence. And when the threads of your brand story have been consistently woven through your brand identity, printed material and website it’s plain to see. But this isn’t something that comes quickly or easily to even the most talented of creatives. It takes time to learn about a client’s business, to understand their approach, to create their brand image and help them engage with their audience.


...it's worth being mindful of what you can and can’t do, and how a professional designer might fit into your overall strategy.

Design is integral to the success of any business. So it’s worth being mindful of what you can and can’t do, and how a professional designer might fit into your overall strategy.

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