The value of a website audit

Posted on February 21, 2020 by Jonathan Smith

A robust web presence can attract relevant visitors, increase user engagement and drive more sales. But sadly, many businesses don’t take the time to perform a regular website audit, and this means that they miss out on opportunities to adapt and improve content.

What we do in our graphic design agency

The foundation of a website rests on effective visuals and a consistent content strategy. And a website audit is an essential part of the ongoing maintenance process, providing a clear way to identify problems and consider how the simplest of updates can improve performance, for your users and your business.

For this reason, we perform design, content and technical audits for clients on an ongoing basis, as they help us to identify how impactful the look and feel of a website is, how engaging the content is, and whether it’s delivering results.


A website audit, whether you undertake one at a basic level or hire us to complete a more in-depth review, will always work in your favour.

Our approach covers:

1. Design audit

How are users experiencing your website? Can they find their way around? Is it easy to get in touch? Are they clicking calls-to-action (CTAs)?

The design of your website plays a vital role in your business so it pays to ensure that visitors can find what they’re looking for, and get to your products and services, quickly and easily. Not only will this result in improved conversion rates, but search engines will reward you if you’re providing a better user experience by placing you higher in the search engine results.

2. Content audit

Does your content align with your overall brand vision? Have you identified meaningful opportunities to improve the tone and style of your content? These are an essential part of audience engagement that can help you improve your website.

Where search engine optimisation (SEO) is concerned, some aspects of the content and technical audit overlap, and so we work closely with clients to break these tasks down into simple steps and tackle this area with ease.

3. Technical audit

Many technical issues remain hidden because website owners avoid carrying out regular audits. However, there are a few ways to keep track of problems without having to check links, test speed or assess other parts of your website manually.

Link issues and loading speeds influence search ranking, and when it comes to user experience and engagement, it’s critical to have a website that works well on mobile. Did you know that Google checks mobile-friendliness to decide where to show your website in its results?

Creative process - working on new designs

A website audit, whether you undertake one at a basic level or hire us to complete a more in-depth review, will always work in your favour. Not only can you experience growth in terms of traffic and page rankings, but you can turn your visitors into customers and make a return on your investment.

We’ve created a mini workbook to help you evaluate your website at a basic level. ‘A beginner’s guide to website auditing’ will move you towards creating a better experience for your visitors as well as help you lay the groundwork for increased customer conversion.

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