The power of a brand manifesto

Posted on June 26, 2020 by Sarah Robertson

What does your business stand for? And how can you communicate that message? Creating a personal or business manifesto can be a challenge, but it can also be a potent storytelling tool, one to inspire and motivate and help you to set out what you believe in.

Brand manifesto

Why create a manifesto?

At its core, a manifesto shines a light on your purpose. If you want to share your values and how you plan to make a difference, even in a small way, this tool is a great place to start.

We recently published our brand manifesto. Previously shared within our proposals, it was time to discuss and update our values to represent where the business is today, and to make them clear right here on our website. And while we don’t plan to make significant shifts in how we work or what we do, the difference we make is an integral part of WHY we’re in business.

What we learned while making changes was that we each had a slightly different perspective on what we stood for and our future goals. The hopes of one person won’t necessarily represent another, and it’s vital to the collective beliefs and aims of everyone who plays a part in the development of the business.

A manifesto needs to have meaning for everyone who’s involved; our clients, our collaborators and our community. As then, the result is something everyone can get behind.


At the heart of a manifesto is an invitation for you to show up and be your best.

How to write a manifesto

If you haven’t already, why don’t you try adapting or writing your manifesto? Not only will it help you get clear on what’s important to you, but it can also tell a story that gets right to the heart of what matters to your business. Here are a few quick questions to help you get you started:

What does your audience need to hear?

The most effective manifestos keep the audience in mind. What matters to them? What change do they wish to see? Bear in mind that this is more than a commitment to your clients or customers. It’s a chance to communicate what you stand for and attract those who hold the same values.

What motivates you?

At the heart of a manifesto is an invitation for you to show up and be your best. Not just in terms of your work, but in how you influence and support those around you. What gets you up in the morning? Is there a particular cause that you believe in or want to promote? What are your future goals?

What can you do to create positive change?

Is there something about the industry you work in that you’d like to challenge or change? Remember that a memorable message will speak to your community so shape your content in a way that’s appealing to them, yet points them towards to the shifts you wish to see.

We hope this drives you to take action and opens your eyes and ears to the ways you can make an impact, however small. And if you’d like more advice on this, please reach out. We’d love to hear from you.