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Starting out with Pinterest

Starting out Pinterest

Haven’t worked out how Pinterest could benefit you?

An image sharing site that allows users to “pin” what they find onto a virtual pin board for others to enjoy, last year it reached the 10 million monthly visitors mark, the fastest of any standalone site to do so.

Pinterest is “a tool for collecting and organizing things you love”. As a social media tool it drives traffic to websites and is proven to convert more browsers into buyers. Not only this, it can help you understand what your audience wants to see, which gives you a powerful way of communicating and engaging with them.

As Pinterest continues to grow and develop, so too does its capacity as a marketing platform, especially in terms of data collection for creative companies and the clients they serve. There are many success stories. So how can you leverage it for your needs?

  • Integration: By connecting Pinterest with your website and other social media platforms you can publish your findings in a variety of ways.
  • Collaboration: Pinterest can allow you to share ideas within your business or with clients. Why not invite people to collaborate with you on boards?
  • Sharing: Position yourself as a valuable resource. Create a board for your niche subject and lead the way with new ideas in your industry.
  • Information: Data is key to the growth and development of your business. Keep an eye on what’s being pinned, how often and by how many people.
  • Enjoyment: Pinterest gives you the opportunity to represent your company in a way it’s never usually seen. Enjoy the challenge of showing your company in a new light and build your community by pinning the inspiration of other users.

As a design and digital studio Pinterest is right up our street. We’ve started using it to collate all the wonderful things we enjoy, including ideas for our studio, general food for thought and to help us find inspiration for our journal. Why not follow us to see more?

How are you using or planning to use Pinterest?