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Colour inspiration on Pinterest

Brand Palette on Pinterest 2

A brand palette is the group of colours that are created alongside a logo mark when designing a new identity. Often the logo mark comprises just one or two colours. A brand palette builds on the logo by adding any number of other colours to create a more solid identity that can be used across printed collateral, websites and social media platforms. Colour adds interest, personality and, in some cases, helps to communicate other aspects of the brand that a logo mark often can’t do by itself.

Taking a few of our own projects as examples, Assemble CSB originally like grey and yellow, however, they were keen to move away from the monotone brand palette, commonly-used by architectural firms. We worked with them to create a brighter brand identity that could have more appeal within the self-build community.

The logo mark for Graphic Good is a dark grey and sits alongside a pastel palette. The business cards were letterpressed onto the matching pastel papers. In contrast, the Ideas Engine is masculine and neutral with texture providing interest and a tactile aspect to the work. The stationery was embossed onto heavy kraft board and wood.

Take a look at the colour inspiration we have been gathering on IfLooksCouldKill’s brand palette board.

Main image: Design by Marks

Thumbnail on Journal: Maeven by Lotta Nieminen